game Fokus Serious Games

Video games are reaching more people than ever before – regardless of age, gender, origin or religion. According to current estimates, more than 2.2 billion people worldwide play computer and video games. Hardly any other medium has reached such a large and diverse audience in such a short time.


But why are video games so popular? Digital games have three things that set them apart from other media: the playful, the social, and the interactive. And these three elements make the difference: They ensure that decisions in the video game have consequences and that the players themselves determine how a story ends.


They allow us to experience together – not side by side, but together. And finally, they appeal to our play instinct, which has always characterized us as human beings.


The playful, social and interactive aspects of video games make them not only a fascinating entertainment medium, but also a teaching aid, therapy companion and problem solver. As serious games, computer and video games are used in a wide variety of ways to impart complex knowledge, to promote motivation, or to support healing processes and patients. Anyone who embarks on a voyage of discovery into this genre will come across what is probably one of the most exciting branches of the video games industry. Medical students use a 3D simulation to practice for their later everyday work in the emergency room. Residents of senior citizen facilities stay fit and agile thanks to a video game console. Schoolchildren can learn English vocabulary in a car race and solve math problems in colorful mini-games. All of these applications have one thing in common: They not only serve to entertain, but also convey content, create awareness for important topics or have a therapeutic benefit.


‘game Fokus Serious Games’ gives an overview of the fascinating field of serious games. Practical, relevant examples from the areas of school education and professional training as well as medical therapies show how serious games are already being successfully implemented today. In addition, the publication includes an overview of the economic significance of serious games and a forecast of the trends to be expected in the coming years. The ‘game Fokus Serious Games’ is only available in the German language.




‘game Fokus Serious Games’ is also available in PDF form.