Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts: diversity in hiring

Interview with Jens Kosche, Country Manager DACH


How diverse are your teams at EA and how do you plan to grow in that respect in future?

I think we’re heading in the right direction. For example, 48 per cent of the participants in our internal staff development scheme are women. Our Women’s Ultimate Team Mentoring Program specifically supports the personal and professional development of our female employees and helps to create an inclusive, nurturing culture within the company. Our goal is a diverse, inclusive workforce that will allow us to deliver games and experiences that inspire and excite our diverse community of players. We invest in internal and external initiatives that empower our employees to value diversity and actively promote integration within EA and our communities. And, of course, we have an equal pay policy in place.


What do you look for when hiring new employees? Apart from the fact that candidates should fit the job description, of course.

We set great store by diversity and inclusion right from the start of the process, beginning with a focus on recruiting top talent from under-represented social groups and genders.


What aspects are particularly relevant for you in terms of equality?

Three aspects are important to us. Firstly, we want women to be represented more strongly in games. Given that billions of people around the world play digital games, we believe that interactive entertainment should not only reflect cultural equality – it should actually help to foster it. That’s why it goes without saying that we believe the various genders should be represented equally in games. This approach is part of the development process at EA. We want it to find its way into a growing number of games and, ultimately, into society at large as well.

Secondly, we want to create a culture of inclusion for all employees at EA. We believe that every individual human being has unique potential. To leverage that potential, EA has a talent community that focuses on diversity and strives to achieve the highest possible level of inclusion in the workplace. We are already investing in schemes to support the next generation of female game developers and managers.

Finally, we also want to promote gender equality within our industry – and in our communities. Inclusion and integration are cornerstones of our EA outreach platform. However, we also want to raise awareness of the issue of gender equality in our gaming communities. One way in which we are working to achieve this goal is by establishing the ‘Player Council for Building Healthy Communities’ at gamescom 2019.


How has your company changed as a result?

This approach has had a positive impact on EA. Making diversity and inclusion part of our business processes facilitates innovation and creates opportunities for all employees to maximise their contribution and unlock their full potential. And that, in turn, leads to better games.


What recommendations can you give other companies that want to create more diverse teams?

Really delve into the subject and scrutinise every process and aspect – starting with the way your job ads are phrased. It will be worth it!