The most popular gaming platforms in Germany: smartphones most widely used, PCs catching up again

The most popular gaming platforms in Germany: smartphones most widely used, PCs catching up again
  • Smartphones are the most commonly used gaming platform in Germany
  • PCs are regaining video game players
  • 3 million video game players in Germany play on two or more platforms

Berlin, 26 June, 2023 –Smartphones are holding their own as Germany’s most popular platform for video games. 22.7 million people in Germany used their phones to play games in 2023. These are the figures released today by game – The German Games Industry Association, based on data collected by the market research company CPS GfK. This means the number of people playing games on smartphones did not change much compared to the previous year – in 2022, a total of 22.8 million people played games on their phones. About 10 million people played games on tablet computers in 2023. Despite losing around 200,000 players year-on-year, tablets have consistently remained above the 10 million mark since 2021. The overlap between smartphone and tablet players is enormous: in total, 24.6 million people in Germany play mobile games on a smartphone, tablet or both.

For the first time since 2019, the PC was able to reverse its decline among video game players in Germany: the total number of people playing games on PCs increased by about 600,000, to 13.5 million, compared to the previous year. The number of PC players had dropped from 16.3 million in 2019 to 12.9 million in 2022. Consoles are still the second-most popular gaming platform in Germany, with 18.7 million players. After the steep increases in the number of console players over the last four years, from 15.9 to 18.9 million, the number of players ultimately declined, by 200,000, in 2023. The majority of video game players in Germany don’t limit themselves to a single platform such as a smartphone, console, tablet or PC: 18.3 million of them play games on more than one platform.

‘The types of platforms video game players use are as diverse as the games they play and the community they are part of,’ comments Felix Falk, Managing Director of game. ‘Smartphones, as a particularly accessible platform, remain as popular as ever, and interest in PCs is growing again, as well. But the majority of players no longer limit themselves to a single platform, and the lines between the individual platforms are increasingly blurred. This development is evident in trends like cross-platform play, which is extremely common these days, as well as the consistent growth in cloud gaming services that make it possible to play PC and console games on mobile devices.’

About the market data

The market data is based on statistics compiled by Consumer Panel Services GfK and The methods used by CPS GfK to collect data on Germany’s video game market are unique in terms of both their quality and their global use. They include an ongoing survey of 25,000 consumers who are representative of the German population as a whole regarding their video game purchasing and usage habits, as well as a retail panel. The data collection methods provide a unique insight into the German market for computer and video games.

game – the German Games Industry Association

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