Z-Software GmbH

Z-Software is a game development studio based in Dortmund, in the heart of the Ruhr area. Z-Software first existed as collaboration between friends with the shared passion for game development and consisted this way for several years. In 2008 it was about time for serious business: Z-Software moved into small but professional offices and became a GmbH. Game Development was no longer just a hobby but a professional job! Since then the team grew slowly but continuously and developed a great variety of games on almost any platform. Right now Z-Software resides in bigger offices in the “Westfalencenter”, next to the office of “Borussia Dortmund”, the famous and successful soccer team of Dortmund. The team is bigger; the work is more professional but the dedication and passion for video games are still and always consistent after all those years. When not developing video games or other technical products Z-Software is involved in strengthen the connection of the development scene in North-Rhine Westphalia and brings developers from all over the area together at the “spieleentwicklertreffen.NRW”.