More than 2.9 billion people around the world play computer and video games. Nowhere else do so many people with such different backgrounds come together to play, experience stories together or compete with one another. Diverse teams around the globe work together to develop games, and we in the German games industry believe in the strength of this incredible diversity. We believe in a society and a games culture characterised by recognition, appreciation and respect for individual identity and the resulting diversity. We believe in an industry that is free from prejudice and discrimination, and that treats all people with respect and appreciation – regardless of sex and gender identity, nationality, ethnic background, religion, ideology, disability, age, language, or sexual orientation and identity.

That’s why we have signed on to the initiative ‘Hier spielt Vielfalt’ (Diversity plays here) and the associated joint declaration for greater diversity drafted by the German games industry. We want to support this incredible diversity to the best of our ability and come together to make use of the resulting opportunities.

Alongside multiple partnerships and initiatives in the area of diversity, we provide a best practice guide on the subject. It offers specific tips and support tailored towards companies in the games industry. In addition to tips for creating more diverse teams and drafting job ads that are in line with diversity guidelines, the Diversity Guide contains case studies from the fields of community management, inclusion and corporate culture, as well as a sample set of netiquette guidelines for your own community provided by the USK.


Initiative: https://hier-spielt-vielfalt.de/en/