Whether data or consumer protection or law enforcement: Here is an overview of the various legal areas that are particularly relevant regarding games.

Data Protection

As in the entire digital economy, data protection also plays an important role in games. That’s why we at game are committed to modern data law. The current regulations on electronic communication (cookies) in the games industry will be presented and it will be shown why data transfers to third countries such as the USA and UK represent a challenge for the international computer and video games industry. It also explains how to respond to the new standard contractual clauses in order to act in compliance with data protection regulations.

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Law enforcement

Software and product piracy is also a major challenge for the games industry, jeopardising the economic livelihood of developers and publishers. Technical copy protection measures and server-based gaming serve to protect against unauthorised use. game initiates regular analyses of the illegal use of games in Germany, exchanges information in workshops with members and European umbrella organisations and takes action against structurally illegal websites.

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Copyright law is the economic system for the production and distribution of digital goods such as computer and video games. Here you can find information on how game is working to ensure that creative services are fairly remunerated and that overly complicated copyright law does not become a disadvantage for German developers and publishers.

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Consumer protection

The games industry is aware of its responsibility towards consumers and relies on simple and standardised rules that are easy to understand. For games companies, which generally offer their games internationally, it is important that there are standardised rules for consumer protection, at least in Europe. The most important information on consumer protection for games can be found here.

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