Consumer protection

The distribution of computer and video games is subject to the same consumer protection rules as all other goods and services. The game advocates uniform and comprehensible standards that effectively protect the informed consumer.

The computer and video games industry has developed many new business models that are also groundbreaking for other industries. Most games can be experienced with other players and many players contribute to new game worlds with their user-generated content. A uniform European law on the sale of digital goods makes sense, but it must take into account the special features and different distribution channels of the games industry. The general warranty regulations as well as revocation or termination have proven their worth. Digital goods must not be placed in a worse position than all other goods and services. All this must be taken into account in the upcoming implementation of the European Digital Content Directive.

For more in-depth information, the association has published a supplement in the legal journal MMR: MMR 08-2022 – Consumer Protection