devcom developer conference

The devcom is the developer conference of gamescom and is organised by devcom GmbH.

‘The market for developers conferences in all of Europe is very much in flux,’ says game Managing Director Felix Falk. ‘In the future, following the strong development of devcom in its first two years, we want to even better utilise the huge potential of the conference given the great opportunities it offers. Through the new company, gamescom and devcom will be more strongly interconnected, which is intended to further reinforce the status of devcom as one of the most important European developers conferences. We have exactly the right managing director for the new devcom company in Stephan Reichart, who is bringing all of his energy and his extensive network to the ongoing development of the conference.’

Stephan Reichart, Managing Director of devcom GmbH, says: ‘devcom is the most exciting conference project in all of Europe. Its proximity to gamescom, the international market and the new organisational structure give us a lot of leverage to further solidify the status of devcom as one of the leading developers conferences in Europe. Our aim will be to make devcom the most important meeting point of the European and international developers’ scene within the framework of gamescom. For me personally, this new responsibility is a true highlight of my career, so I very much look forward to focusing on it immediately and at full strength.’