Esports inspire millions of people in Germany and around the world. Here you can find information about esports and our demands to make Germany the best location for esports


We provide information about the development, professionalisation and the esports ecosystem here. We also summarise the most important framework conditions for the development of esports in Germany and introduce the esports player foundation.

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game · esports

As the association of the German games industry, we are also the central point of contact for politics, media, society and business on the topic of esports. game esports is the working group of game members who are actively involved in esports. This includes a wide range of players in the esports ecosystem such as game developers, publishers, event organisers and agencies.

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Esports Visa

Germany is the home and venue of internationally renowned esports competitions. Professional esports athletes and their coaching staff therefore need to be able to enter Germany with as little bureaucracy as possible to take part in tournaments, leagues and training and to remain in Germany for the duration of the training and the event. The esports visa makes all this possible.

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