License directory for Let’s Plays

Games are complex works and their content is protected by copyright. Therefore you need a permission to play them publicly. Some publishers permit the use of their copyrighted content under certain conditions, for example for Let’s Plays and Walkthroughs. Here you will find a collection of links, which contain further information from publishers, without any guarantee to be complete or up to date.

505 Games: Guideline
2K: Guideline


Activision Blizzard: Guideline
Aeria games: Guideline
Astragon: Guideline
Arena Net: Guideline


Bethesda: Guideline
The Behemoth: Guideline
Bungie: Guideline
Bohemia Interactive: Guideline
Bigpoint: Guideline


Cloud Imperium Games: Guideline
Crytek: Guideline
Capcom: Guideline
CipSoft: Guideline
CD Projekt Red: Guideline
Codemasters: Guideline
Campo Santo: Contact


Daedalic: Guideline
Devolver Digital Games: Guideline
DeepSilver: Contact
Digital Extremes – Warframe: Guideline
Disney: Guideline
Daybreak Game Company: Guideline


EA: Guideline
Egosoft: Guideline
Endnight Games: Contact
Epic Games: Guideline
European Games Group: Contact


Focus Home Interactive: Guideline
Firefly Studios: Guideline
Flying Mollusk: Contact
Frozenbyte: Contact
Frictional Games: Contact


Gaslamp Games: Forum
Ghostlight LTD: Contact
Grinding Gear Games: Contact
Gamigo: Guideline
Gameforge: Guideline
GameDuell: Contact


Halycon Media: Contact
Harebrained Schemes: Guideline
Headup: Contact
Hello Games: Guideline


Innogames: Guideline Video Content, Guideline Graphic Content
Idea Factory: Guideline
Insomniac Games: Guideline


JIW Games (Rising World): Contact


Konami: Contact
Koch Media: Contact
Klei Entertainment: Guideline
Kalypso Media: Guideline


Larian Studios: Guideline
LucasArts: Guideline
Lucasfilm: Guideline


Maschinen-Mensch: Guideline
Microsoft: Guideline
Mixtvision: Guideline
Mojang: Guideline


Nintendo: Guideline
Niantic: Contact
NCSoft (West): Guideline
Ninja Theory: Contact (click on the “Help-Button” at end of website)
NIS America: Contact


Orangepixel Games: Guideline


Paradox Interactive: Guideline
Psyonix: Guideline


Rockstar: Guideline
Rebellion: Contact
Red 5 Studios: Guideline
Red Barrels: Kontakt
Riot Games: Guideline
Runic Games: Guideline
Re-Logic: Contact
Robot Loves Kitty: Contact
Robot Entertainment: Guideline


Square Enix: Guideline
Sony Interactive: Contact
SEGA: Contact
SpielmannSpiel: Guideline
Supercell: Guideline
Subsoap: Guideline
Subset Games: Guideline
Supergiant Games: Guideline
Studio Wildcard: Guideline


THQ Nordic: Guideline
Team Chucklefish: Guideline
TopWare Interactive: Contact
Trion Worlds: Guideline
TaleWorlds Entertainment: Guideline
Team 17: Contact
Tecmo Koei: Contact
Tivola Games: Contact
Travian Games: Contact


Ubisoft: Guideline
Upjers: Guideline


Valve: Guideline


Warner Bros: Guideline
Warframe: Guideline
Wargaming: Contact


XBOX Game Studio: Guideline


Zenimax (Bethesda): Guideline