German Games Industry Association presents German Games Fund funding model

German Games Industry Association presents German Games Fund funding model
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• German Games Fund supports small, medium and large game developers
• Major leverage effects: additional tax revenue and investment expected
• ‘We want to turn games made in Germany into a real success story’
Berlin, 24 April 2018 – game, the German Games Industry Association, has today presented its model for the German Games Fund. It comes in response to the announcement in the CDU, CSU and SPD parties’ coalition agreement that they plan to introduce funding support for games at national level. At the heart of the proposal is a fund of 50 million euros per year to start with, which would award grants automatically according to a fixed mechanism. The fund is intended to support the development of prototypes and productions by small, medium and large development studios. The aim is to provide systematic and specific support for the development of games in Germany and to reduce the current competitive disadvantages compared with locations like the UK, France and Canada. The fund lays the foundations for turning Germany into an internationally powerful and innovative centre for game development. The association has developed the German Games Fund in collaboration with its members and with the help of experts in EU grants and subsidy legislation.

‘In their coalition agreement, the CDU, CSU and SPD have agreed on a support fund for games,’ says Felix Falk, Managing Director of game. ‘As a newly united games association, we are presenting a concrete model that will benefit everyone: the German games industry and the Secretary of the Treasury. We want to turn games made in Germany into a real success story. Our German Games Fund lays the necessary foundations for this. Our model is simple, transparent and predictable and the mechanism is compatible with European standards. It will finally give Germany the chance to become internationally competitive as a games location. Now we hope to discuss its practical introduction with the relevant political authorities as soon as possible.’

game expects powerful leverage effects when the fund is introduced. In France, every euro of support funding for games generates an additional 1.80 euros in tax revenue and a further 8 euros in investment. For the German Games Fund model of 50 million euros, this would mean increased tax revenue of 90 million euros and additional investment of 400 million euros. Once the fund is introduced, positive local developments – linked to the expansion of existing developer studios and the arrival of new ones – will lead to a higher demand for grants. The association expects the fund would need to allow for an annual increase of around five to ten million euros over the next five years.

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