German games industry feeling positive about 2023

German games industry feeling positive about 2023
  • Around half of German game companies expect the industry as a whole to experience a positive economic development in 2023
  • Just under two thirds of game companies expect their own development to be positive in 2023
  • 52 per cent of game companies in Germany plan to recruit more employees in 2023
  • Shortage of skilled workers: one in two German game companies currently has unfilled vacancies

Berlin, 8 December 2022 – The ongoing war in Ukraine, high energy costs and huge uncertainty regarding Germany’s economic development – in spite of the numerous problems, game companies in Germany are feeling confident about the year ahead. This is the conclusion of the game association’s industry barometer based on a survey of its members and published today on the occasion of the general meeting of game – the German Games Industry Association. According to the barometer, around half of all game companies (48 per cent) are expecting the German game industry to develop positively or even very positively over the next twelve months, while just 16 per cent are assuming that the opposite will be the case. The companies have an even more positive view of their own prospects, with just under two thirds of the companies surveyed (64 per cent) saying they are expecting their own development to be positive or very positive in the year to come. A mere 9 per cent are anticipating a negative development. This optimism is also reflected in workforce developments – more than half of all game companies (52 per cent) say they expect their employee headcount to develop positively in the year to come. Only approximately 6 per cent are anticipating a negative development. A look at positions that currently remain unfilled suggests that finding skilled workers is not easy, with just under one in two game companies (49 per cent) saying they currently have vacancies. The number of vacancies illustrates how high demand is for skilled workers in the German game industry – 10 to 20 per cent of vacancies remain unfilled at almost one in four game companies (23 per cent), with a further 7 per cent of companies even having over 20 per cent unfilled vacancies.

‘The various economic challenges are leaving their mark on the game industry too. The generally uncertain economic environment or the rising costs are weighing heavily on game companies’ plans. game association’s industry barometer nevertheless indicates a general sense of optimism looking ahead to 2023 and clearly shows that the German game industry has really thrown itself into the race to catch up with other game locations around the world,’ says Felix Falk, Managing Director of game – the German Games Industry Association. ‘Overall, we can therefore expect further growth in the global game market in the years to come. The parameters for game development in Germany, which have finally been improving for a few years, will be decisive here. The German government’s promotion of games remains an important foundation, and the temporary stoppage of this fortunately did not bring this positive development to an end after all. To enable the industry to remain competitive globally, the funding provided must be based on the actual needs and be increased to 100 million euros. At the same time, further steps need to be taken, as already outlined in the federal government’s strategy for the game industry.’



About the data

The data is based on an online survey conducted by game – the German Games Industry Association between 17 and 24 November 2022 involving 125 German game industry association members, including in particular developers and publishers.

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