Lots of continuity and one new face: members elect a new game Executive Board

Lots of continuity and one new face: members elect a new game Executive Board
  • Lars Janssen (DECK 13) re-elected as Chairman of the Executive Board of the German Games Industry Association
  • Julia Pfiffer (astragon) stays on as Deputy Chairwoman of the Executive Board
  • Johanna Janiszewski (Tiny Crocodile Studios), Clemens Mayer-Wegelin (Nintendo) and Ralf Wirsing (Ubisoft) also elected to the Executive Board

Berlin, 11 June 2024 – At the general meeting of game – The German Games Industry Association, held online and in Berlin on June 4, the members elected a new five-member Executive Board in line with their regular rotation policy. Lars Janssen (DECK 13) will remain Chairman of the Executive Board. The members also re-elected Julia Pfiffer (astragon), who will stay on as Deputy Chairwoman of the Executive Board. Johanna Janiszewski (Tiny Crocodile Studios) and Ralf Wirsing (Ubisoft) were also re-elected to the Executive Board. Clemens Mayer-Wegelin (Nintendo) is a newly elected member of the Executive Board; he replaces Christian Kluckner (Chimera Entertainment).

game Executive Board (from left to right): Clemens Mayer-Wegelin, Johanna Janiszewski, Lars Janssen, Julia Pfiffer and Ralf Wirsing (Franziska Krug for game)

Lars Janssen, Chairman of the game Executive Board, says: ‘Thank you to all game members for re-electing me. We achieved a lot at game these last few years, but we still have plenty to do – games funding is a good example. Given the challenging times we live in, the enormous continuity on the game Executive Board is an important sign of the unity in our industry and will help us continue our successful work of the last few years.’

Julia Pfiffer, Deputy Chairwoman of the Executive Board, says: ‘I would like to thank all the members for re-electing me. I would also like to express my thanks to our former Executive Board colleague Chris Kluckner, who has shown incredible commitment and dedication to many important issues – such as games funding – over the last two years. The other members of the Executive Board and I intend to tackle the challenges our industry faces with the same passion and energy in the future.’

An overview of game members is available here: www.game.de/en/members

Information about game membership is available here: www.game.de/en/becoming-a-member

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