Annual Report of the German Games Industry 2022

From the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic to the parliamentary elections, 2021 was an eventful year for the games industry in Germany. Computer and video game development initially continued on a positive path as people began working from home at the beginning of the pandemic, but as time went on, the inability of teams to do their creative work together in person presented significant challenges, and growing numbers of titles were delayed. At the same time, many games industry events were either cancelled or only took place online in 2021. Consequently, all-important networking and the search for publishers and investors was still difficult for many companies, particularly small ones. But alongside these challenges, there were a number of highly positive developments: for example, the German games market managed to continue the impressively strong growth from 2020. Sales revenue from purchases of games and gaming accessories grew by 17 per cent, to about 9.8 billion euros. One of the primary reasons for the sharp upsurge is the increased number of players. Their numbers had already grown by 5 per cent in 2020; in 2021, even more players joined their ranks. During the pandemic (both the first and second year), computer and video games played entirely to their strengths as a social medium. The Annual Report of the German Games Industry 2022 provides a comprehensive overview of the development of the games market and the games industry in Germany.