game · Talent Sessions

»game · Talent Sessions« is a series of practical webinars for developers, entrepreneurs and other interested parties which is offered in partnership with Making Games. This training programme does not require participants to travel, and it covers all the relevant aspects of developing and marketing digital games. Game industry experts give lectures on topics like game design, business models, internationalisation, legal issues or marketing, and they respond to audience questions.

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Monthly, Tuesdays at 5.00 p.m.
  • Price: 19.90 euros (free of charge for members of game)

Past gameTalent: Sessions included:

  • Christopher Hecht (freelance game designer, Game Design Geek) – Monetization of Free-to-Play games
  • Matthew Handrahan (European Deputy Editor, – International PR & Media
  • Stephan Winter (Founder and CEO, Limbic Entertainment) – Launching a studio
  • Falko Löffler (freelance author) – Interactive Storytelling
  • Stephan Reichart (CEO, Aruba Events) – Corporate Development
  • Dieter Schoeller (CEO, Headup Games) – Indie-Games Publishing
  • Konstantin Ewald (Osborne Clarke) – Game development and publishing contracts
  • Dr Lutz Anderie – Business financing in the games industry
  • David Bowman (Crytek) – Virtual Reality Development Insights
  • Prof. Sabiha Ghellal (Stuttgart Media University) – Game Design
  • Ralf C. Adam (Tiger Team Productions) – Advantages and disadvantages of agile project management methods in video game development
  • Ronald Kaulbach (Ubisoft Blue Byte) – Brand Management
  • Kamil Barbarski (MAK3it GmbH) – Business model canvas for online gaming