Institutions and contacts

Ablegamers: Website with contacts and partners for developing inclusive games.


Aktion Mensch: Aktion Mensch is Germany’s largest private social funding organisation and supports projects for people with and without disabilities.


BAME: Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) talents in games. Website with the latest information from the BAME community.


Charta der Vielfalt: Website with information on the subject of diversity, including the Charta der Vielfalt (Diversity Charter).


Deutscher Frauenrat: The Deutscher Frauenrat (National Council of German Women’s Organisations) is an umbrella association for around 60 women’s organisations active throughout Germany. It is the largest advocacy group in Germany focusing on women’s issues and gender equality.


Diversity Think Tank: Management consultancy for diversity management and inclusion.


‘Chefsache‘ Initiative: ‘Chefsache’ is a network of leaders from business, research, the public sector and media who are personally committed to working toward equal opportunities for men and women. The website provides information on issues such as equal opportunity, diversity and unconscious bias, as well as case studies.


Inklusion gelingt: Initiative launched by German businesses to support people with disabilities. The website provides information and details of events, a joint declaration, information for companies, case studies, publications and events.


klische*esc: Organisation which runs projects and campaigns aimed at various groups. The objective is always to raise awareness of limiting stereotypes and educate people about their consequences.


PANDA: A network for women in leadership positions.


Pride Breakfast Club: A monthly event that gives potential business partners the chance to meet up and create new business opportunities. HR and diversity managers, executives from all industries, and representatives of LGBT+ networks are welcome.


PRIDE Chmapion (formerly PRIDE 500): This is the LGBT+ cachet for employers which is awarded to LGBT+ diversity champions in Germany. The badge demonstrates to current and potential employees, customers, business partners and investors that a company values LGBT+ people and has an open, welcoming company culture.


Project Implicit: An online test to explore your own unconscious bias.


STICKS & STONES: A job fair aimed at the LGBT+ community and other groups. The largest of its kind in Europe.


Sozialhelden: The objective of this association is to encourage people, institutions and companies to become more aware of people with disabilities and consider them as a target group for a broad range of products and services.


UNICORNS IN TECH: A global LGBT+ tech community.


WOMENIZE!: An action programme specially for women in games and tech. The format is designed specifically for professionals and emerging talents in the fields of games, media and IT. Womenize! features success stories and highlights the activities offered to support women in the workplace.