Guideline for respectful interaction in the workplace

Diversity is at the very heart of the video games industry. Along with their great dedication and creativity, thousands of developers, publishers and service providers around the world pour their personal experience into the conception and evolution of their games every day.

Being part of this games world should be a positive and, above all, a safe experience, in both its digital and analogue aspects. Everyone has the right to physical and mental integrity, regardless of age, gender, ethnic background, religious beliefs, political ideology, disability or sexual orientation.

It should therefore be our highest priority to treat each other with respect and appreciation. No one should be subjected to harassment, violence, sexual assault or other misconduct. And anyone who has experienced behaviour of this kind should be provided an environment of security and trust in which this subject can be brought up – without fear concerning hierarchies, positions or the length of one’s affiliation with the industry. Because such behaviour simply must never be tolerated, from anybody.  

Many companies in the video games industry are already actively committed to ensuring a safe and respectful work climate, not only in the framework of the ‘Hier spielt Vielfalt’ initiative, but also through their own in-house non-discrimination, non-harassment, non-violence guidelines or safe space policies. These guidelines lay out what values underlie the company’s activity, what behaviour is expected towards colleagues, gamers and business partners and what behaviour is unacceptable. Many companies convey their respective guideline to new employees as an integral part of the onboarding process.

Companies that have not already implemented a guideline of their own can find a freely available proposal attached. They may use this proposed guideline and adapt it in keeping with their own needs. Because even though many companies already foster an exemplary work climate without the use of a guideline, it can sometimes be helpful to come to a mutual understanding of the company’s values and to explicitly communicate this policy both internally and externally.    

Online disclaimer regarding the document:

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