Company register

From A to Z and sorted into sections: the names, locations and websites of all publishers, developers, service providers, media outlets, event companies, educational institutions and associations of the German video games industry, courtesy of www.gamesmap.de.


Full of ideas and equipped with the skills to implement them: large and small German developer studios who want to make their mark on the video games world.


Need a partner to help you bring your product or video game to the German market? These companies have the expertise and the connections to help you achieve your goals.

Business services

Whether it’s marketing, localisation, e-commerce, public relations or legal assistance – these companies specialise in a wide range of consulting and problem-solving to provide vital business services for companies in Germany and worldwide.

Public sector

Registered associations, business development, non-profits, networks, regional funding institutions and much more: there is a vast public sector in Germany dedicated to bringing video game players together, providing money and help for start-ups or projects, and enlarging the video games industry as a whole.

Educational institutions

Want to become a game designer, animation artist or sound guru? There are a lot of educational opportunities to gain game-related degrees in Germany. Check out these public colleges, universities and private institutions.


Big tournaments, exciting leagues, strong teams and dedicated fans prove that esports are a really big topic in Germany. Here you can find the most important companies in this sector.

Trade/distribution/platform services

Need help distributing your products or selling them to retail customers and online shoppers? Then look no further! These companies will provide you with the necessary contacts and know-how.

Media companies

These media companies shape the public’s perception of the video games industry through their products, print magazines, websites, projects, designs and more. 

Trade fairs

Are you planning to present your product and your company at an event like gamescom? These companies specialise in trade fairs and conferences, and are important contacts for organising events or building exhibition stands.