Support for the games industry – regional institutions, networks and representatives

Business development bodies

Germany is divided into 16 federal states, all of which provide business development bodies run by the respective state governments. They support national, but also international companies in the respective state. They provide them with general information about the market and business environment, offer advice regarding legal or tax issues, assist them in choosing a location or regarding funding and financing plans, and they are generally able to provide access to a large network of experts in their state.


In addition to the more general information provided by the business development bodies, there are a number of regional networks specifically for the games industry, which are partly funded by the respective states. Among other things, they connect development studios and games companies in their region and they also put them in touch with experts from both the gaming and other industries. They often provide them with guidance and resources. They offer meetings, workshops and even office space.

Regional associations and game representatives

Besides game – the German Games Industry Association representing the industry on a federal level, Germany also has 11 regional associations and game representatives that speak for the games industry on a regional level. The objective of these 4 regional associations and 7 game representatives is to promote the interests of the games industry at a regional political level. They work alongside designated partners and clearly set out their position on industry matters. This is a response to the increased political interest in the games industry not just on a federal, but also on a regional state and local level.

Interactive map of Germany regarding institutions, organisations and representatives supporting the German games industry

Funding organisations

Games funding is available from a number of official institutions in Germany.

The most important funding programme for the German games industry is provided by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). Please find more information in the chapter ‘German games funding ’.
Most of the German federal states offer funding for their regional games industry as well. The conditions vary depending on the funding organisation and are detailed on the respective websites. Generally, these funding programmes are granted to developers and projects that are produced locally. The amount and kind of funding (grants and loans) also depends on various factors, e.g. whether a prototype or the actual development of a game is to be funded.

Moreover, game studios located in Germany can apply to the EU’s MEDIA funding programme, which also offers funding for game development once a year.