Editorial: The German games industry 2020/21

Dear readers,
Germany is one of the most important markets for computer and video games worldwide. No other European country generates higher sales from video games and the associated hardware. Germany’s benefits as a business location include its geographical position in the heart of Europe and its excellent infrastructure. In addition, as a member of the EU, it can cultivate unfettered relationships with over half a billion people across the continent. Germany is distinguished by its very dynamic video games industry. A wide range of companies based here are strong players on the world market.
Some of these companies are active in the browser and mobile games segment, including InnoGames, Travian Games and Wooga. International success has also been achieved in the PC and console games segment, led by German studios such as Crytek (Hunt: Showdown), Deck 13 (The Surge 2), Mimimi Games (Desperados III) and Yager (The Cycle). Furthermore, Germany’s Ubisoft Blue Byte (Anno 1800, Die Siedler, Avatar, Rainbow Six Siege, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Assassin’s Creed VR) opened a new branch in Berlin in 2018, which focuses on working with one of the French parent company’s major brands. In addition, internationally successful developers such as Epic Games and id Software, operate their own subsidiary studios in Germany. Many young developers are also currently founding small, creative teams that are attracting attention with special titles. We expect the founding and settlement of further game developers in the coming years. Since 2019, 50 million euros in public funding is made available to the sector each year.
More than 600 companies in Germany are active in the development and marketing of video games, providing jobs for over 10,000 people. Universities in many large German cities also train new talent for all major areas of the video games industry. Germany also plays a special role in the esports segment, with some of the world’s largest tournaments – the ESL One tournaments – taking place here. And the ESL itself, one of the most important organisers of esports tournaments and leagues in the world, is headquartered in Germany.
And last but not least, Germany is the home of gamescom: the biggest annual event for computer and video games in the world and the most important business platform for video games in Europe. It brings together hundreds of thousands of people in the city of Cologne and millions worldwide digitally.
I cannot provide more than a very brief overview of Germany’s large, dynamic and diverse video games industry here. This publication, however, offers much more extensive insights into Germany as a video games location. I would be pleased if it helped to win you over, or to strengthen your future commitment as a friend and partner of, and an active participant in, the German video games industry.
I wish you enjoyable reading!
Felix Falk
Managing Director of game – the German Games Industry Association