Pitch & Match @ gamescom

Date: Tuesday, 21st August 2018

Location: Beer garden from 5 p.m. till 7 p.m.

Be part of the third „Pitch & Match“ @ gamescom on August 21st! Two hours of 20 minutes meetings with business partners from Europe. Afterwards we will have a VIP BBQ with Indie Arena Booth at the same location. The number of pitching developer teams will be limited.



How can I apply?
Please fill in the application form no later than July 31st.

What's next?
On the 6th of August we will open the online meeting manager. There you will find your business partners and will be able to setup appointments. You can instantly see who is available at what timeslot, so you only have to make you introduction through the meeting manager.

In this system, meeting tables will be hosted by a specific business partner and you will get the chance to book an appointment.

Step 1: —Fill in the application form.—
Step 2: We’ll create your online profile. Based on the details you send in with your application, we’ll create your online profile on the Pitch & Match platform. Once it’s set up, you’ll receive a notification e-mail.
Step 3: Organise your meetings. Use the online meeting system to plan your meetings. Invite possible partners or accept received invitations to meet on-site.
If you have an appointment, come join us at the beer garden on August 21st. In order to access the Pitching Area, you will need a ticket for the gamescom business area.


We will help you with your pitch!


Partners 2018

Our committed business development partners offer production budgets from five to eight digits for new projects. Our gathering of partners is involved in all kinds of platforms like browser, mobile and/or console games.



Amazon App Store

Daniel Mann

Business Developer

The Amazon Appstore for Android is where customers can find, discover and buy thousands of apps using Amazon’s convenient and trusted shopping features, including personalized recommendations, customer reviews and bestseller lists. Customers can access the store directly on Kindle Fire, from any computer, or on an Android phone or tablet. Amazon Appstore has a broad selection of paid and free apps and games, including established bestsellers and new apps from top-tier brands. More apps and games are added daily and the Amazon Appstore offers customers a great paid app for free, every day.


Tim Plöger

Senior Producer

astragon Entertainment ranks among the leading independent games publishers in Germany. Our product portfolio focuses on high-quality simulation games such as Construction Simulator, Farming Simulator or Bus Simulator, but also covers economic simulations and strategy games.
astragon games are available world-wide on many different platforms such as consoles, smartphones, tablets and PC.

Ubisoft Blue Byte GmbH

Kay Bennemann

Senior Business Development Manager

Blue Byte has a long history of developing AAA PC games such as the ever-popular build-up strategy series The Settlers® which debuted in 1993 and ANNO® for which the studio began overseeing the production in 2007. Blue Byte opened its doors in 1988 and was acquired by Ubisoft in 2001. Since then Blue Byte is located in the city of Düsseldorf, Germany and expanded in 2014 with the acquisition of a new branch in Mainz. Recent projects include Anno 2205TM which brought the acclaimed city-builder series into space and Champions of AnteriaTM, a new Real-Time-Strategy experience to be released on August 30, 2016. Blue Byte created and operates browser-based and mobile games, like The Settlers® Online and Assassin’s Creed® Identity. More unannounced projects, some of them in close collaboration with other Ubisoft studios are currently in development. In 2016 Blue Byte is celebrating 15 years of being part of the Ubisoft family.


Miikka Luotio

Head of Publishing

Global mobile F2P game developer and publisher since 2012.

Deck 13 Interactive

Max Kübler

Senior Producer

Deck13 Interactive is one of Germany’s leading developers. Employing more than 60 and with studios located in Frankfurt and Hamburg, Deck13 Interactive has developed over 20 titles, including major releases such as Lords of the Fallen and most recently The Surge. With the „Deck13 Games“ label the team established a publishing service in 2014 to help independent developers bring their projects to wider audiences. With an experienced team and access to the major console markets Deck13 Games is a growing division, with more than 10 published titles in which Deck13 has managed Producing, Localization, QA, Marketing, PR & Distribution.


Nick Alfieri


As a publisher, Digerati is dedicated to helping independent developers bring their creations to market and into the hands of gamers. We take care of funding, distribution, marketing and production, leaving developers to focus on what they love – making incredible games and unique experiences.


Sören Lass

Business Development

Eurovideo is one of Germany’s most established investors, publishers and distributors of games based in Munich. We have been involved in a number of successful releases from Germany as well as international studios including Victor Vran, the Dwarves, Blackguards and Silence in recent years. For our growing digital publishing portfolio we are looking for studios developing primarily on PC and console that are looking for a strong partner to bring their games to the worldwide market.

FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co KG

Philipp Döschl

Co-Founder, Executive Producer

FDG Entertainment started in September 2001 as a producing and publishing studio for download games for Java compatible mobile phones. The games have been offered on operator portals and were pre-installed on millions of Samsung color phones worldwide. With the release of smartphones like iPhone and Android devices, the company started to produce console quality mobile games and quickly became a successful global player on the App Store and Google Play with far more than 250 Million downloads to date. FDG Entertainment teams up with the best indie developers around the world to deliver highly creative games. A big network of partners ensures best quality for each genre with greatly varying styles and gameplay mechanics. FDG Entertainment is privately funded and 100% independent.
Nowadays FDG’s games are available on almost all gaming platforms, such as Switch, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PC, Mac and more to come.
Marla Fitzsimmons

Fellow Traveler

Marla Fitzsimmons

General Manager Marketing

Fellow Traveler is an Australian-based indie games label, working with talented developers from around the world to bring unique and remarkable games to players looking for new experiences. Launched in 2013, we support indie developers by providing a full publishing team, bringing expertise and resources to their games while ensuring the creative control remains in the developers hands. Out team is exclusively staffed by gamers and lead by industry veterans, having left the AAA world behind after falling in love with the explosion of creativity in the independent scene and the freedom that comes with being small & creative. We work on all kinds of games for all major platforms but the core criteria for us is that they must bring something new or different to the table. We want to surprise and delight players!

flaregames GmbH

Aurélien Merville

Director Developer Relations

flaregames is a fast-growing mobile game publisher and developer best known for Nonstop Knight and the Royal Revolt series, recently awarded the „Best Publisher“ prize at the Mobile Game Awards.

gamigo AG

Jan Halwe

Licensing Manager

The gamigo group, headquartered in Hamburg (Germany), is one of the leading gaming businesses in Europe and North America. Around 250 employees take care of Game Publishing and Platform-Services. gamigo was among the first companies that discovered the booming online games market and released the first completely localized MMOG in Germany back in 2000. gamigo strives to grow its business organically as well as through acquisitions and has performed 25+ M&As since 2013, including companies specializing in games and technology as well as individual game assets.
The area Game Publishing covers online games (mainly as free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Games or MMOGs). The gamigo group has built up a broad game portfolio that is consistently being expanded. The company’s core portfolio is comprised of successful games like Aura Kingdom, Desert Operations, Dragon’s Prophet, Echo of Soul, Fiesta Online, Goal One, Ironsight, Last Chaos, and The Rats. The overall portfolio contains 20+ online and 500+ casual games, which are mainly distributed through own portals that have accumulated over 100 million registered users.
We’re looking for developers in need for publishing of their (almost) finished online game projects to exclusively license their games for our core markets. Our focus is on mid- to hardcore online games for the PC and mobile platforms, preferably with a free-to-play business model or any other kind of scalable monetization to build long-term relationships.
Christopher Kassulke

HandyGames – THQ Nordic family member

Christopher Kassulke


HandyGames™ is a THQ Nordic family member and operates as an international publisher for small and mid-sized projects and developers for a worldwide audience.
The focus lies on creating and publishing games for next gen consoles like Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Sony PS4 as well as games for Steam and many other PC gaming distribution channels. HandyGames™ produces titles for new innovative gaming platforms, for example VR (Virtual Reality) on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR, but also offers games of all kind of genres for Android smartphones and tablets, Apple iPhones, iPads and many other mobile and smart devices.
Antti Rikkonen


Antti Rikkonen

Content & Commercial Partnerships

Hatch takes the cloud gaming revolution to mobile and beyond, with the world’s first service for discovering, playing and sharing a curated collection of great games from more than 100 leading developers and publishers. All games on Hatch – from arcade classics to modern masterpieces – are available to play instantly with no downloads, in-game paywalls or limits.

Headup Games

Dieter Schoeller


Headup Games is an independent games publisher/developer. Together with our partners, we focus on the contentment of our customers and the best gameplay experience delivered at the fairest price-quality ratio. Since our foundation, we have published over 100 games, including many projects from highly talented developers that are known for their potential and creativity. Our portfolio features high-quality games such as Superhot, Super Meat Boy, The Inner World, The Binding of Isaac, Terraria, Limbo, The Basement Collection, Gone Home, Q.U.B.E., Frozen Synapse and many more as well as the million selling #1 iOS brand Bridge Constructor. More information can be found at www.headupgames.com.
Reinhard Doepfer

Kalypso Media Group GmbH

Reinhard Döpfer

Head of Producing

Celebrating its 11th year in the video games industry, the Kalypso Media Group is a privately owned, global, independent developer, marketer and publisher of interactive entertainment software with close to 100 employees worldwide, operating from seven offices across Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. Kalypso Media has also established a digital-first label called “Kasedo Games” and enjoys very strong global digital distribution through its Kalypso Media Digital subsidiary. Furthermore, the group owns two development studios – Realmforge and Gaming Minds– to secure a constant supply of high quality games, and works with multiple leading independent developers. In 2015, Kalypso Media Mobile was founded in Hamburg, Germany, to deliver great games for mobile devices. Kalypso Media‘s titles include the critically acclaimed “Tropico” series, strong strategy game franchises like “Dungeons”, “Port Royale” and “Sudden Strike”, as well as the popular railway simulation “Railway Empire” , among others. For 2018, new products like “Shadows: Awakening” and “Tropico 6” have been announced for all major platforms (PC, Xbox One, PS4). Moreover, Kasedo Games has signed “Rise of Industry” for digital distribution, and Kalypso Mobile will release “Tropico 3” for tablet devices.

Koch Media GmbH

Jeremy Zitná

Business Development Manager

Koch Media has been publishing video games under the label of Deep Silver since 2002. With branches in Europe and North America, as well as distribution partners all over the world, Deep Silver aims to market games worldwide. Deep Silver develops and distributes interactive games for all notable consoles, for the PC, for the iPad/iPhone, and for Microsoft’s and Sony’s online platforms XBLA and PSN.
John Cooney


John Cooney

Senior Manager of Business Development

Kongregate is a leading game publisher and web gaming portal. Kongregate’s publishing focuses on free to play mid- and hard-core mobile titles and premium PC and console titles. Working closely with game developers, Kongregate provides consulting, analytics, marketing, launch support, and game features such as cross promotion, guilds, and chat. Kongregate’s games have been downloaded tens of millions of times and have hundreds of millions of gameplays.
Michael Schauble


Michael Schauble

Business Development Manager-Xbox Games-1st Party/ID@Xbox/Game Pass

At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Our mission is grounded in both the world in which we live and the future we strive to create. Today, we live in a mobile-first, cloud-first world, and the transformation we are driving across our businesses is designed to enable Microsoft and our customers to thrive in this world. We do business in 170 countries and are made up of 114,000 passionate employees dedicated to fulfilling our mission of helping you and your organization achieve more.
Benjamin Feld


Benjamin Feld

Director Digital & Transmedia // Vice Managing Director

Mixtvision is an award winning media company active in game-, movie- and book publishing and development. We are offering financing, distribution, marketing & PR. We also offer support in business administration, project management and production. Our focus lies on passion, creativity and relevance. Therefore we work very closely with our partners based on their individual needs.
We have recently released the indie-hit FAR: Lone Sails together with newcomer developer Okomotive. We will continue publishing more indie games in the coming months, from newcomers as well as from more established developers.
We are always on the lookout for creative and innovative projects (in every stage and for (nearly) every platform) that feature meaningful and emotional themes. We cherish a unique artistic and/or narrative approach.

Private Division / TakeTwo

Markus Wilding

Private Division is a developer-focused publisher that empowers independent studios to develop the games that they are passionate about creating, while providing the support that they need to make their titles critically and commercially successful on a global scale. Announced as a new division of Take-Two Interactive Software, the label publishes Kerbal Space Program and will publish upcoming titles with renowned creative talent at studios including Obsidian Entertainment, The Outsiders, Panache Digital Games, and V1 Interactive. Private Division is headquartered in New York City with offices in Seattle, Munich, and Las Vegas. We’re always on the lookout for core games for PC and console by independent game developers with the potential for international success, both critically and commercially.

rokapublish GmbH

Robert Kaiser

CEO & Founder

rokapublish GmbH started in 2007 focussing on licensing casual games only. Teaming up with creative developers, we soon began producing our own games that range from action to indie. In 2013, we were nominated for the German Developer Award in the category “Best Strategy Game”. We are now a well-established developer and publisher in the casual games market worldwide, both retail and digital.


Alexander Krug


Based in Berlin, the creative capital of Europe, SOFTGAMES is one of the world’s largest developers of Messenger Games with tens of millions of users every month. Our vision is to help users to instantly play games with their friends, while helping brands to reach their target audiences. As a HTML5 games pioneer we’ve developed over 450 games since 2012. Further we built the world’s largest distribution and monetisation platform for HTML5 games outside the messengers with a total reach of 30 million MAU. More information: https://www.softgames.com/
We are looking for HTML5-developers / messenger / portals or apps for our Games Affiliate Program.

Team 17

Debbie Bestwick


Debbie Bestwick MBE, is CEO of award-winning veteran games developer and international games label, Team17. Debbie joined the Games Industry at the age of 17 starting out in indie retail where she won Indie Retailer of the year at just 18 she then co-founded Team17 in 1990 at the age of 20. Team17 is a leading international games label that hosts the Worms franchise, Aven Colony, The Escapists, Genesis Alpha One, Overcooked, Yoku’s Island Express, Yooka-Laylee, Way to the Woods and many more from developers around the world. Debbie has released 90 games with Team17 across home computers, console and mobile platforms.
Since becoming CEO and completing a MBO in 2010, she has focused on establishing Team17 as a sustainable business which achieves year-on-year profitability and growth. As a result, Team17 last year raised funding via a minority shareholding with Leading Private Equity group LDC raising in excess of $20M USD. Debbie’s passion is Team17’s Games Label which helps support new start-up’s and existing development studio’s create new IP and build for sustainability whilst retaining Independence.
Debbie Bestwick has recently received an MBE for services to the video games industry and was awarded Businesswoman of the Year in the 2016 Women in Games Awards. Previously Bestwick was honoured with the Hall of Fame award at the European Women in Games Conference 2015 and MCV person of the Year in 2015.

Company Bio:
Founded in 1990, Team17 Digital Limited is a leading international games developer and award-winning games label that hosts the Worms franchise, Aven Colony, The Escapists, Genesis Alpha One, Overcooked, Yoku’s Island Express, Yooka-Laylee, Way to the Woods and many more from developers around the world.

Link: https://www.team17.com/



Hendrik Peeters

Tivola is an international publisher and developer of mobile games based in Hamburg. We’re focused on apps with animals. In our games, players care for cats, train dogs, ride horses. Even dance with a hippo.

Founded in 1995, Tivola started out as a publisher of computer games for children, serving mainly the German market with local brands. Creating both entertaining and educational content, Tivola has won almost every German award in the field of childrens’ software including the “Deutscher Computerspielpreis” and “Deutscher Entwicklerpreis”.

After turning to mobile games, Tivola is now reaching a much bigger and far more international audience, animal fans and game lovers from all over the world and of every age. Today, our biggest new games “HorseHotel” and “DogHotel” continue the ongoing success of the flagships “PetWorld” and “HorseWorld” – and there’s even more to come, for example Nintendo Switch games.



Jan Peter Ewert

Valve is the developer of award-winning games, including the Half Life, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress and Portal franchises as well as DOTA 2. We also created and operate Steam, the biggest platform for PC games distribution, and continue to push technological boundaries with SteamVR.


Matthieu Brossard

Based in Paris, What(games) uses its expertise in monetization, advertising, marketing and user acquisition to publish casual F2P mobile titles. We accompany talented developers from a close-beta or soft launched version all the way to international commercial success.
We can help you get low CPI, high ARPDAU and leverage that result to reach the audience your game deserves !