Pitch & Match @ gamescom

  • Date: Tuesday, August 20th 2019
  • Time: 5pm – 7pm
  • Location: gamescom, Cologne, Germany || Booth of „game – German Games Industry Association“, hall 4.1, booth A011-D020

Be part of the fourth „Pitch & Match“ @ gamescom on August 20th 2019! Two hours of 20 minutes meetings with business partners from all over the world. The number of pitching developer teams will be limited. Apply now to pitch your game!


Pitch & Match @ gamescom 2018 impressions



Which publishers are participating in 2019? (click)

As of August 8th 2019, the following publishers have confirmed their participation at the Pitch & Match @ gamescom 2019:

How can I apply? (click)

Please fill in the application form no later than July 8th 2019.

What happens after I sent in my application? (click)

  • Once you have sent in your application, we will setup an account for you in our online meeting tool. Once it’s setup, you will receive a notification mail.
  • Once you have access to the meeting tool, please make sure you complete your profile as much as possible – this will improve your chances once the publishers check your meeting requests.
  • On July 9th 2019 we will open up the online meeting tool. There you will find the attending publishers and business partners that you can apply to for a pichting session/meeting.
  • In the tool, you will be able to see who is available at what timeslot – so send in your application for a pitching slot to your ideal pitching partners.
  • The attending publishers will check out your application and will, based on their needs and goals, either accept, reject or ignore the appointment.
  • Please note: The meeting is only happening if the publisher has accepted your meeting request. The publishers get a lot of requests and have to decide who they want to meet accordingly. Make sure your application is well done in order to improve your chances.
  • At the day of the event, please come to the Pitch & Match location according to the times of your confirmed meetings. We’ll help you find the right publisher table for your confirmed meetings. Please refrain from showing up if you don’t have any confirmed meetings.
  • Please note that you will need a ticket for the gamescom business area in order to attend the Pitch & Match @ gamescom.

I have sent out several meeting requests to publishers, but haven’t gotten any response. What’s up with that? (click)

The attending publishers will get a lot of requests for meetings at the Pitch & Match @ gamescom. Since our event lasts 2 hours and meetings are done in 20 minute intervals, each publisher can only see six pitching people/teams during the Pitch & Match @ gamescom, meaning that they will carefully check your meeting requests and base their decision on your profile. Make sure to have a complete profile in the meeting tool in order to improve your chances.

Do I need a ticket to attend the Pitch & Match @ gamescom? (click)

You will need a ticket for the gamescom business area in order to attend the venue where Pitch & Match @ gamescom is taking place. You can purchase that ticket on www.gamescom.global. Other than that, participation is free of charge. Please note that the purchase of a gamescom trade visitor ticket does not guarantee any confirmed meetings at the Pitch & Match @ gamescom.

Pitch & Match @ gamescom 2018

The 2018 matchmaking event at gamescom brought together 101 developers and 26 publishers from 22 countries, including Australia, Canada, Russia and the USA. For many game developers and publishers, ‘Pitch & Match’ has already proven itself to be an absolute must during gamescom. Strong interest in the event is demonstrated not only by the growing number of participants: in a survey among the registered games companies following the event, more than 85 per cent of those surveyed said that they would appreciate a follow-up after the event. Furthermore, more than 90 per cent of those surveyed would recommend ‘Pitch & Match’ to others and plan to take part in 2019.

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